Should I Buy My Own IONM Equipment?

Most companies are using Cadwell and a few NIM Eclipse. Surprisingly, most independent contracting positions do not require you have your equipment. This is because most organizations have you either fill in for existing staff or have backup units you can use. The downside to this is that with each job, you are on a […]

Pricing For Hospitals Versus IONM Companies

Assignments with Hospitals In IONM, there are two revenue streams per case.  One is for the technical component and the second is for the professional component (i.e. the physician oversight). The payment system has evolved that typically the technical portion is assigned to a hospital’s DRG. In other words, it comes out of the lump […]

IONM Pricing Models

Each pricing model has its own pluses and negatives. It is important that you consider each and choose the one that you would be happiest within that situation. There is no “right” model to use. Just remember when you get push back, is that that price incorporates a “convenience fee” into it. The employer is […]

What to charge? Your Base Rate

Why Do Independent Contractors Cost More? To calculate your base fee, the general formula for independent contractors, regardless of what field you are in, is to take the annual salary for the position you are covering and double it. This may seem like a lot of money, but it isn’t when you take into consideration […]

Should I Buy My Own EEG Machine?

You may choose to bill insurances directly for their services, rather than charging healthcare providers a flat rate, and this means having their own EEG unit. The options for EEG equipment are: Lease the EEG equipment from Lifelines, or check with the other equipment manufacturers Purchase a brand new unit (cost between $20-$30k) Put out […]