Template Operating Agreements

An operating agreement is just a document your LLC will need which outlines the LLC’s ownership, function, and duties. You can create your own operating agreement from scratch, hire a lawyer and use their template or start with one of the templates listed here. LLC Operating Agreement Template Single Member LLC Operating Agreement Template  

Registered Agent

Do you need a registered agent? What is a registered agent? Watch this video and find out.

Obtaining Your Tax ID

If you opt to form an LLC you will need to apply for a tax ID. That is because, when you form an LLC, according to the law your LLC becomes its own entity. As its own entity, it will need its own tax ID.  Your social security number is your tax ID number for […]

Naming Your Business

Originality: Your business name must be original as you cannot form an LLC under a name that another company in the state is already using. Every state has a website where you can check existing registered business names. You may also want to avoid some of the common business name endings or adjectives such as […]

Tax Implications

Accountant: Cetera Vitae recommends you find an accountant who is well versed in small business and run all questions by him or her. This person will help you file your taxes and should be available for the odd question you have.  If your accountant does not get back to you and is not responsive, then […]