Inhouse versus Outsourced Credentialing

Hospital Credentialing Every hospital will have its own requirements for getting you credentialed (i.e. giving you permission to work in their facility). For a quick checklist of documents, you should have on hand for credentialing click here.

Credentialing Checklist

Each Healthcare organization will require its own list of documents from you. But it will save you time to have the most common ones ready to upload to the credentialing manager.  Here is a checklist of the most frequently required documents.  You can click here to download a copy of this.

Sample Attestations

One of the unique challenges of being self-employed is that the credentialing system will ask for letters from your employer known as attestations.  When you are self-employed you are your own employer. Some of these you can write and sign yourself on your LLC or Self Employed Letterhead.  This can feel foolish, writing a letter […]

Credentialing Documents

There will be a variety of documents required for you to upload to the credentialing portal. Exactly what documents they want are institution-specific.  The most frequently requested documents will be a job description of what you do,  proof of your credentials, BLS, and immunization record.  Additional letters, called attestation or employer letters may be requested. […]