Cohen-Bradford Influence Model

The basic idea behind Cohen-Bradford’s influence is the idea that authority can be problematic because it does not always guarantee that a leader will get support and commitment from those around them. Additionally, it can create an environment of fear and intimidation to motivated people to act for the wrong reasons. The model is based […]

Win–win negotiation

Win-win negotiation It is inherent to the process of negotiation that both the parties involved end up feeling satisfied that they have struck an appropriate deal. It may not be exactly the result they both hoped for, but it is one they can really agree to. It is this outcome that gives rise to the […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Legal Agreements

Legal agreements are the written embodiment of the written relationship between two entities. Like all good relationships, the key is to be transparent and have clear mutually understood expectations. Watch this video to learn the 3 top mistakes to avoid in legal agreements.